Standard Terms of Use

1. Introduction

1.1. Squarebreak is Hotel Homes’ trade name, and is a société par actions simplifiée company with a registered share capital of 20,874 euros. Their registered office is based at 34 Rue de Cléry, 75002, Paris, registered at the Paris RCS under number 809 913 668. Represented by Mr Maxime Lesaulnier, President, under Professional Transaction and Management Permit Nº CPI7501 2015 000 000 990 issued by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

1.2. Squarebreak provides an online platform, as well as different tools, services, and functions, to allow their owners to list their properties, in order to entrust their rental management to Squarebreak, and also, to allow holiday-makers to reserve the same properties (collectively, the “Services”). These Services are provided at the URL: (the “Site”).

1.3. The Site is hosted by OVH, a société par actions simplifiée company with a registered office at 2 Rue Kellermann, 59100 Roubaix, contact number 09 72 10 10 07.

1.4. The website publication director is Mr Maxime Lesaulnier.

1.5. The present Standard Terms of Use (the “Terms”) apply to users of the Site (collectively, the “Users”, or individually, the “User”).

1.6. Both access to and navigation of the Site, and use of Squarebreak’s Services, represent the User’s total compliance with the Terms, and full acceptance of all their conditions.

1.7. The Terms are applicable throughout the User’s navigation of and access to the Site, and for the entire duration of the User’s usage of the Services.

1.8. Squarebreak reserves the right to occasionally modify the Terms. These modifications will be applicable following publication on the Site. The User is therefore invited to check the website regularly to stay informed of any modifications or updates of the Terms.

2. Enrolment

2.1. Users must enrol to use the Services offered on the Site. Enrolment is reserved to those with the character and capacity to honour a contract, and notably excludes minors and those under guardianship. A user account (the “Account”) is created following the enrolment procedure.

2.2. To enrol on the Site, Users must simply click on the “Enrol” button, then follow the instructions provided by Squarebreak. They will then be redirected to a page where they need to complete their first and last names, add a valid email address, and choose a password. Once this information has been reviewed, users can finish their enrolment by expressly accepting the present Terms and clicking the "Confirm" button.

2.3. The enrolment request is then sent to Squarebreak, who will send a link to the User by email. Enrolment is complete once the link has been activated. A User can open an account with a personal email address, or by allowing access to Facebook, after clicking on the “Connect with Facebook” button in the enrolment window.

2.4. The User accepts that they will provide complete, up to date, and correct information during the enrolment procedure, and will update this information in order to maintain its accuracy, relevance, and comprehensiveness. Squarebreak reserves the right to suspend or cancel Accounts and access to the site if any information provided during the enrolment procedure or later is revealed to be inaccurate, fraudulent, obsolete or incomplete, or as violating another part of the terms.

2.5. The User Account contains, but is not limited to:

  • a personal page, known as the “Profile”, where information provided by the user, such as the email address and telephone number will appear;
  • a personalised inbox;
  • a summary of completed rentals on the Site under the "My Trips” tab;
  • the ability to save favourite adverts under the "Wishlist" tab;
  • the potential to suggest management of a property to Squarebreak.

2.6. Users can delete their Account at any moment, and likewise can remove the link between their Account and their Facebook account at any moment, by going directly to the settings page of their Profile. Users recognise and accept that even if they deactivate their Account, Squarebreak reserves the right and the ability to retain certain information while complying with the present Terms and applicable laws. Uses likewise accept that data related to their stay at a property managed by Squarebreak, or a property to which management has been entrusted to Squarebreak, can be transmitted to and remain on other sites, for example Google, in the event that Google’s search engine copies content from Squarebreak’s systems or sites.

2.7. In the case where a User is aware of a breach of their data, Squarebreak will not be held responsible, and the User commits to immediately informing Squarebreak of the situation at the following email address:

3. Processus de réservation:

3.1. The reservation process on the Site ends with the conclusion of a seasonal rental contract between a User and Squarebreak as per the following:

  • By clicking a link provided for this purpose on the Site, the User can submit a reservation request or make an immediate reservation for a defined period, by choosing one of the suggested properties, and noting the start and end dates, and the number of travellers.
  • An immediate or future reservation request is sent to Squarebreak, who will send an email to the User confirming reception of their reservation request.
  • In the case of future reservations, the User will be sent to a payment terminal, located on a secure page on the Site, to make the payment. The User will complete their bank details before clicking on the "Confirm" button.
  • In the case of immediate reservations, the User will receive an email with the relevant information for their reservation, since they will have completed their bank details beforehand.
  • For requests for future reservations, once payment has been received, the User will receive an email with the relevant information for their reservation.
  • In both cases, if the reservation request is refused by Squarebreak, the customer will be informed, and Squarebreak will make every attempt to suggest an alternative to the User.
  • Once payment has been received, the User will receive a link to the DocuSign platform at their email address, inviting them to initial and electronically sign the seasonal rental contract relating to their reservation request
  • Provided that the User initials and electronically signs the seasonal rental contract, the User and Squarebreak will be committed and the rental contract will be concluded.

3.2 Squarebreak attire l'attention des Utilisateurs sur la nécessité de vérifier systématiquement l'intégralité des termes et conditions stipulés dans les contrats de location saisonnières préalablement à leur signature.

4. Listing Process for Properties on the Site:

4.1. The listing process for properties on the Site ends with the conclusion of a rental mandate as per the following:

  • By clicking a link provided for this purpose on the Site, the User can submit a listing request for a property they own, by completing the type of property, their details (first and last names, email, and phone number), the property address, the accommodation capacity, the surface area, the desired price, and by indicated that the property in question is already the object of a rental contact.
  • The listing request is then sent to Squarebreak, who will send an email to the User confirming reception of their listing request.
  • If the listing request is refused, Squarebreak will inform the User by email.
  • If Squarebreak shall grant the User’s listing request, they will arrange a visit to the property with the User.

4.2. In any event, a User who wishes to entrust management of their property to Squarebreak absolutely must, before the conclusion of any rental mandate with Squarebreak, (i) have completed any potential declarations and obtained any potential permissions as required by law and regulations to rent out their property and collect rental income, and (ii) comply with the requirements of article L. 324-1-1 of the Tourism Code (obligation to report to the mayor of the municipality where the accommodation offered for rent is located in the event of secondary residence), and the requirements of article L. 631-7 of the Construction and Housing Code (prior approval for the change of use in case of repeated rental for short periods) if the property is located in France. Squarebreak can in no case be held responsible for the absence of such declarations and/or permissions required by law and regulations.

5. Prohibitions:

5.1. The User is not authorised to, neither directly nor indirectly:

  • Leverage, copy, share, reproduce, edit, translate, publish, or decompile the Site, its content, any database integrated in the Site, nor any similar element, in any way, using automated tools, or manually;
  • Monitor the Site’s content or communications with the help of robots, spiders, or other automated methods;
  • Use the Site for other ends than those authorised by the present Terms;
  • Reproduce any portion of the Site on another website or otherwise, with the help of any device, especially using a framework or border to surround any portion or aspect of the Site, or by making an identical reproduction, or by duplicating any portion of the Site;
  • Transmit, send in any other manner, or implement content or any program that could damage the system or network, or use any material or IT software with harmful content, or containing harmful programs;
  • Use or consult the Site in a manner that could harm the system or IT network, especially by importing viruses (the term “virus” designates for the present, any program that deliberately enters a system without a functional objective, and/or for destructive ends, such as displaying disruptive messaging, or systematically replacing data on a user’s hard drive);
  • Displaying or sending false, fraudulent, or deceptive information in any manner, or committing any acts that could be considered as phishing (whether primary, secondary, or other), and would have criminal or civil implications;
  • Displaying or sending any illegal, threatening, abusive, defamatory, slanderous, obscene, vulgar, indecent, inflammatory, sexually explicit, pornographic, or profane content.

5.3. Additionally, Squarebreak reserves the right to begin judicial proceedings against any User who breaks these rules.

5.2. If these rules are violated, Squarebreak, aside from the right to delete contentious content without notice nor compensation, reserves the right to suspend and/or delete User access to Services and their account.

6. Squarebreak’s Rights and Obligations:

6.1. Squarebreak will do its utmost to ensure that adverts on the Site accurately represent the properties it manages. Users will nevertheless be informed of differences between original images and images on the Site created by different display settings. Squarebreak will not be held responsible for these differences.

6.2. Squarebreak will do its utmost to ensure that the Site remains updated from a technical perspective. This will require occasional maintenance which may restrict access to the Site. Whenever possible, Squarebreak will plan the maintenance at times least likely to impact the Users.

6.3. External sites that link back to Squarebreak are not within Squarebreak’s control, consequentially Squarebreak declines all responsibility for their content.

7. Personal Data Protection:

7.1. The Site was declared to the CNIL (National Commission on Informatics and Liberty) under declaration number 1920092.

7.2. Conforming with the amended Act N°78-17 of 6 January 1978 on Information Technology, Data Files and Civil Liberties (the “Law”) and with provisions on personal data protection, Users’ personal data (the “Data”) is required to process their requests. Squarebreak is responsible for processing the Data in the eyes of the Law.

7.3. Some Data must be necessarily provided to Squarebreak, and this will be indicated in a visible manner with an asterisk next to the required fields. Without Users communicating this Data, their requests cannot be processed. Other information requested is optional.

7.4. Squarebreak may collect and process the following Data: (i) data related to the User’s identity (title, last name, first name, address, place and date of birth, nationality); (ii) data related to the User’s history, notably email or Site communications and exchanges, access history, usage and modification of public profile Data on the Site; (iii) data related to payment methods and notably payment card number and expiry date; (iv) data related to payment of invoices, (v) data related to the selection of individuals to implement actions related to loyalty, market research, surveys, product testing, and promotion, and; (vi) technical data, such as the IP address of the internet connection point from which the User connects to the Site, as well information stored in the User’s terminal device to enable electronic communication with the User, and to recognise them on later visits to the Site.

7.5. The purpose of processing User Data notably includes the following: (i) operations related to customer management, notably creation of seasonal rental contracts, management mandates, invoices, accounting, and customer services; (ii) to perform operations related to market research; (iii) development of commercial statistics; (iv) transfer, rental, or exchange of customer files (v) organisation of competitions, lotteries, or any other promotional operations; (vi) management of access right requests, corrections, or conflicts; (vii) management of disputes, and; (viii)

7.6. Users expressly consent to Squarebreak’s automated collection and processing of Data, gathered through the Site.

7.7. Moreover, User Data can be used for commercial market research by sending promotional or commercial offers within the conditions as per the Law.

7.8. This Data can likewise be sent to Squarebreak’s partners for commercial market research, unless the User declines this during the reservation or afterwards by email, to the address below.

7.9. Data will be retained for a duration that conforms with the Law based on its nature and its purpose. Specifically:

  • Data related to customer and prospective customer management will only be retained for as long is strictly necessary for commercial relationship management.
  • Nevertheless, Data needed to establish proof of a right or a contract, or Data retained for legal obligations will be archived in compliance with existing provisions (notably those from the Commercial Code, Civil Code, and Consumer Code).
  • Moreover, User Data used for commercial market research will be retained for three (3) years from the end of the commercial relationship.
  • Personal User Data used related to prospective customers will be retained for three (3) years from the last contact from the prospective customer (a request for documentation as an example).
  • At the end of the three-year period, Squarebreak can resume contact with the individual to confirm whether they wish to continue to receive sales requests. Without this confirmation, the Data will be deleted or archived in compliance with existing provisions (notably those from the Commercial Code, Civil Code, and Consumer Code).

7.10. Data related to payment methods is managed and secured by the Payline payment service, which is a product of Monext, a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa and Stripe. Subject to the User’s prior consent, Data related to the User’s payment card (type of card used, last four numbers of the card number, and expiry date) can be securely retained by Squarebreak.

7.11. Any User that can prove their identity has the right to request the following from Squarebreak: (i) confirmation whether their Data is being processed or not; (ii) Data for related processing purposes, processed Data categories, and to recipients or to recipient categories to whom the Data shall be communicated; (iii) where applicable, Data related to the potential transfer of information to a non-EU member state; (iv) communication, in an accessible format, of Data related to them, as well as all available Data related to its source; (v) Data that allows knowledge and dispute of logic inherent in automated processing, in the event of decisions made in its founding principles, that have legal effects in respect of the interested party.

7.12. A copy of the Data will be sent to the User at their request. Squarebreak can dispute clearly abusive requests, notably in their quantity, or repeated or systematic nature.

7.13. Generally speaking, Users have the right to access, dispose, modify, or delete their collective data, in a request to Squarebreak, 34, rue de Cléry, 75002 Paris. All requests must be sent by email with valid proof of identity, to Squarebreak at the following address:

7.14. Squarebreak will reply to the User within fifteen (15) days from reception of a complete request from the User.

8. Cookies:

8.1. Cookies are files that a web page stores in the browser that the user visits, and are required to improve interactive services and make them ready to navigate the Internet.

8.2. Cookies can be classified according to:

  • Origin:
    • First-party: cookies created by the webpage the User is visiting
    • Third party: these are received during navigation of a webpage but were created by a third party that hosts the page.
  • Lifespan:
    • Session cookies: these are to collect and store data during a user visiting the webpage, and are not saved on the User’s hard drive.
    • Persistent cookies: these are stored on the User’s terminal, and can be accessed and processed by the person responsible during a pre-defined period. Generally speaking, the lifespan of a cookie is 13 months, maximum.
  • Purpose:
    • Technical: these are essential to the webpage’s functioning, hence marking them as ‘strictly necessary". They allow inspecting of traffic between the server and several users simultaneously, identification and access of system users, etc.
    • Customisation: they allow each User to configure different aspects such as language or region.
    • Analysis or output: they allow the person responsible to measure the number of visits, and the navigation criteria of different areas of the website anonymously.
    • Advertising: these cookies measure the impact of advertising on the webpage.
    • Behavioural advertising: these cookies measure the impact of advertising on the webpage, based on the User’s behaviour.

8.3. Squarebreak uses the following cookies on the Site:

  • Site performance cookies:
    • Squarebreak uses session cookies for technical purposes, they are strictly necessary for the webpage’s operation. They allow Users to navigate and use essential functions, for example, maintaining the session. These cookies do not retain any personal data, nor gather any information on the User’s navigation that could be used for marketing or tracking purposes.
  • Third party cookies:
    • Analytics cookies: Squarebreak uses “Google Analytics” cookies, owned by, and the responsibility of Google Inc. These four cookies are known as “utma (unique visitor cookie), utmb (session cookie), utmc (session cookie), and utmz (Campaign cookie)”. They allow Squarebreak to anonymously measure and analyse navigation on webpages. Their main purpose is to collect information on the number of visitors, and pages visits, among other things. This information allows us to offer a higher-quality and better-adapted service.
    • Social plug‑in content‑sharing cookies: on certain webpages, there are social-media sharing buttons, to share certain content with social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. This option involves cookies that create links with these social networks. For more information on the usage of cookies and social networks, please refer to their cookie policy.

8.4. The User may configure their web browser to warn them of cookies and block their use on a device. The main web browsers offer options to block and delete cookies, but the process to do so differs between web browsers. To uninstall cookies, the User must follow the instructions of their particular web browser:

  • Internet Explorer:
  • Safari :
  • Firefox :
  • Chrome:
  • pour Opera :

If your web browser is configured to refuse cookies, your User preferences and certain pages will not be available.

9. Intellectual Property

9.1. The display of all elements, including domain name, brand, logo, emblem, pictures, illustrations, photos, texts, graphics, and other files on the Site are protected by existing laws on intellectual property, and belong to Hotel Homes, or they are authorised to use them.

9.2. The User is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the Site and its information in a private context. The granted right consists of (i) the right to consult to data and information on the Site online; and (ii) the right to reproduction, consisting of one printed copy, or one download of consulted data and information. This usage right is only in a private context.

9.3. Any other usage of the Site by the User, notably commercial, is forbidden. The User may not, notably but not limited to, reproduce and/or represent information or data on the Site for any use other than private, nor completely or partially, in any form, sell, distribute, produce, translate, modify, circulate, or communicate information or data on the Site, nor create works derived from it.

10. Contact Squarebreak

The User may contact Squarebreak by:

  • letter to the address indicated in article 1.1 above;
  • email via the contact form
  • telephone 01 73 60 04 04 (local rate) between 9am and 6pm, excluding weekends and French bank holidays.

11. Applicable Laws and Jurisdictions:

The Site’s content is governed by French law. Users recognise the courts of competent jurisdiction of Paris courts regarding use of the Site, its content, or ensuing recourse.