About Squarebreak

Where did the idea come from?

How we take vacations has changed.

In search of more individuality, authenticity and unique experiences, holidaymakers are dropping traditional hotels in favour of private homes.

However, vacation rentals can have their share of surprises...

With authenticity as a selection criteria, it can also be a deceptive factor. Misleading photos, bad neighbourhoods, or issues with the deposit are some of the problems encountered during what was meant to be your dream vacation. Squarebreak is here to preserve your dreams and improve them.

How does Squarebreak enhance your vacation?

How we take vacations has changed.

Other than matching homeowners with travellers, Squarebreak manages a range of properties with the greatest care in order to make them perfectly ready for guests. One of our strengths is the availability of hotel amenities and services depending on our guests’ wishes.

Hotel services

A la carte services are suggested upon reservation: cleaning service, chef, babysitter, drivers and more... Squarebreak thrives on making your vacation as enjoyable as possible. Weekly housekeeping is also included for long stays.

Hand-picked properties

A smooth stay also depends on meticulous property selection. Comfort, charm, character and authenticity, prevail in our choice of homes to provide unique experiences.

Local Break Managers

Our Break Managers are the cornerstone of Squarebreak’s model. They prepare each property with utmost attention to detail. Cleaning, fresh linens, toiletries, welcome baskets, and check-in services, they’re available during the whole stay if needed.